What a brilliant read...

'I bought this book after reading the other reviews for my 11-year-old son. He absolutely loved it, he had read it within a week and couldn't  stop talking about it so I had to give it a read myself. I can say I loved it as much as he did. It's a great read funny, historical and what  an adventure for Timothy Williams. I would highly recommend this book  to young and old. Great job, I hope there will be more from this author.' 

BookViral Review

'An  amalgamation of everything that is universally loved by young adult  fantasy readers Timothy Williams Demon Hunter reminds us why the genre  remains so popular. A full-on teenage adventure, Long spins his debut  yarn in truly engaging prose, his plot both original, humorous and  highly imaginative with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the  way. At its core, it’s the age-old story  of good against evil as Timothy, Rupert and George find themselves  pitted against Lucifer’s champion Ursula Le Rouge who has been given a  powerful bloodstone ring and Timothy must battle her in his dreams as he  takes on different personas. From the Wild West and the 7th Cavalry to  The Argonauts and an epic tank battle the action comes thick and fast  with angels watching over him whilst an ancient pendant that once  belonged to Lucifer gives him powers beyond his wildest imagination.  With his characters well observed and notably more endearing for their  flaws Long brings them to life with adroit dialogue and well-crafted  personas, each one growing and changing as events unfold.

 Altogether Timothy Williams Demon Hunter makes for a rip-roaring read  and a strong debut in what promises to be an exciting new series. A must  read with broader appeal than it's genre it is highly recommended.' 

Great book well written.

'Good story line. Recommend to young adults. Looking forward to next book. I'm sure this book will do well. Hope to hear a lot more from Iestyn Long.' 

Fantastic storytelling!!

'Fantastic read, highly recommend. Full of fantasy and adventure.' 

Fantastic story for both young and the old.

'Brilliant story, based on young Timothy Williams and his dream battles. Bought this book for my 12-year-old grandson and read the book myself (retired) both of us really enjoyed. The author's knowledge of both historical  battles and fictional battles is outstanding. Timothy Williams and his two friends get the upper hand on schoolboy bullies, get to fight in epic battles but it also has wit and humour that would appeal to both the young and older reader.' 

Great story full of adventure, excitement and humour!

 'My 56-year-old husband stumbled across this book while looking for something completely unrelated. He purchased it based on the reviews  and, unable to put it down, proceeded to read it in record time. He enjoyed the book so much that I decided to read it too. This is an original, exciting and very funny story that is crammed full of great characters. Their adventures are many and varied as they take on the  devil, his cronies and the school bullies all at the same time. We look forward to the next instalment.'