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Iestyn Long lives with his  family in the historic village of Lavenham, in the English countryside. He is reasonably tall and narrow, has a shortage of hair and although English he has a Welsh name that is a constant confusion to one and all.  While listening to the tunes of Sir Cliff, Iestyn enjoys observing ants and sparrows, drinking copious amounts of tea and breathing -  all of which he likes to practice on a regular basis. His influences include: Monty Python, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Bernard Cornwall, David Gemmell, J.R.R.Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Queen Elizabeth the Second, King Arthur and, of course, the legendary Sir Cliff Richard. 

Iestyn has always enjoyed writing. 'It's escapism to another world beyond our own,' he explains. 'When you're young, our world doesn't meet expectations - it's all a bit disappointing. Where are the dragons? Where's the magic? Where are all the heroes? But writing about them gives them life, at least, life inside our minds.' Iestyn's inspiration comes from trying to gift his readers the same experience he enjoys from writing: escapism to a world beyond our own. A world of infinite possibilities!

Timothy Williams Demon Hunter is Iestyn's first novel, much of which was written while on the downstairs toilet before heading to work in the mornings, and although at present Iestyn has fewer reviews than a set of Laura Ashley tea towels, he will endeavour to rule the world by 2025. The toilet seat  is warm - the second book in the Timothy Williams saga is underway!       



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